1 Quart Saniclean (No Air Shipment)

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P>Five Star Chemicals has been producing cleansers for commercial breweries for some time, and has now packaged their cleaning technology into home brewing sized packages. Their approach is twofold; the brewer first uses Powdered Brewery Cleaner to remove deposits from equipment, and then uses Saniclean, a professional grade soaking final rinse to prepare equipment for brewing.. When diluted as instructed, Saniclean does not require rinsing, and will not stain. Both PBW and Star San are safe for limited contact use with stainless steel, plastic, copper, brass, and ceramics, and are safe for septic systems. Saniclean differs from Star San in that is is low foaming, making it ideal for use in spray bottles and whenever a low foaming no-rinse sanitizer is desired. Twice as much Saniclean is required to make up a working solution compared with Star San, and contact times for equipment preparation are twice as long. Saniclean is an ideal substitute for Star San for those who want minimal foaming when cleaning.

This one quart bottle of Saniclean will make up to 80 gallons of dilute  solution that does not need to be rinsed after use. Use by itself, or in conjunction with PBW powdered brewery cleaner (to remove deposits before sanitizing).

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Average rating 9.75 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Saniclean - five star

Review by Niall Hickey on 11/28/2017

This is an excellent product that I have used for sterilising equipment for home brewing for several years now; it disinfects quickly and dries off completely, leaving no residues that would affect the taste of my brew. I would recommend it for any home brewer, without reservation.

Best sanitizer

Review by Mark on 5/3/2013

Only thing I use now and have converted several other brewers to this. Everyone loves it.

Excellent Product

Review by Christine R. on 4/24/2009

Pros: This is the best sanitizer there is, you will not go wrong with this product.

Cons: It foams, but...if you do not airate it very much you can control it.

No foaming, but great sanitizing

Review by Roy S. on 3/13/2008

Pros: Doesn't foam like Star-San, but sanitizes as good. It's also food grade and rinse free. Easy measured dispensing from the bottle.

Cons: none

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