4 Lb. Five Star PBW Cleaner

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Five Star Chemicals has been producing cleansers for commercial breweries for some time, and has now packaged their cleaning technology into home brewing sized packages. Their approach is twofold; the brewer first uses Powdered Brewery Cleaner to remove deposits from equipment, and then uses Star San, a professional grade soaking sanitizer, to sanitize the cleaned equipment.   Both PBW and Star San are safe for limited contact use with stainless steel, plastic, copper, brass, and ceramics, and are safe for septic systems. 

This four pound jar of PBW will make up to 48 gallons of dilute scrubbing cleanser (should be used in combination with Star San, a non-rinsing Sanitizer).

Average rating 9.77777777777778 out of 10 ( based on 9 reviews )

Just works

Review by Kevin on 10/5/2022

Best I've found for cleaning.

Works great

Review by Christopher on 4/29/2020

I've been brewing since 1996, and I have been using PBW cleaner since 1997. It is awesome as far as oxygenated cleaners go. The stuff just works! I use an old scoop from and ice tea or drink mix container and use that as a measuring device. One scoop pre five gallons of water will clean any items you might have. Hot water and soaking really caked on items overnight, works best. Best in Brewing.

It just works.

Review by Jim Coleman on 11/2/2019

This is one of those products that just works. Easy to mix, easy to use.

Great for Dishwasher!

Review by Peter O on 2/20/2019

This stuff is amazing in the dishwasher! Nowadays all the dishwasher products are so heavily scented that it's become unappealing and unappetizing to think what chemical residues they leave behind. I can't believe how clean PBW gets everything. Stainless pots and glassware come out sparkling, shiny clean. No scents. No residue. Perfect!

4 lbs is better than 1 lb.

Review by Dave on 10/7/2017

I finally bought this big size tub after having gone through several one pounders. Within days of receiving it, a guy I'd never met who was giving up home-brewing gave me an old corny keg (for free!). I got it home and looked inside at some nasty fossilized crap. I'm convinced the beer gods rewarded my purchase. If you buy a 4 lb. tub of PBW, maybe you'll be as lucky as me. If not, you'll still have 4 lbs. of PBW at a very good price.

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