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Five Star Chemicals has been producing cleansers for commercial breweries for some time, and has now packaged their cleaning technology into home brewing sized packages. Their approach is twofold; the brewer first uses Powdered Brewery Cleaner to remove deposits from equipment, and then uses Star San, a professional grade soaking sanitizer, to sanitize the cleaned equipment.   Both PBW and Star San are safe for limited contact use with stainless steel, plastic, copper, brass, and ceramics, and are safe for septic systems. 

This one pound jar of PBW will make 12 gallons of dilute scrubbing cleanser (should be used in combination with Star San, a non-rinsing Sanitizer).

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Works very well, but pretty expensive

Review by Matt Smith on 9/18/2005

Pros: PBW cleans stainless steel like nobody's business. It's probably good for other things, too, but I use it for all my SS brewing items as well as my SS kitchen appliances.

Cons: Pricey. I'll be buying PBW in larger quantities from now on for slightly better economy.

Does the job very well

Review by Stephen M. on 7/13/2008

Pros: Use in warm water and it dissolves that caked on gunk from your carboys (glass and PET plastic) in no time. I use it to clean everything!

Cons: A little expensive, but so effective I don't care!

great product

Review by Dan M. on 6/2/2009

Pros: This stuff cleans like a madman! Hardly any scrubbing required on my brew kettle and cleaning my immersion chiller was effortless.

Cons: expensive? I did get a little weird from being in slose quarters with the solution. ie improper ventilation.

Best for cleaning carboys

Review by Tyler on 3/8/2011

PBW is the best for cleaning carboys. Far better than oxiclean. Warm water and a 30 min soak gets all the primary fermentation gunk off easily.

My Favorite Product

Review by Michael on 5/13/2011

Fermenting in better bottles requires no harsh scrubbing of the plastics to stave off scratches for bacteria to live in. 20 minute warm water soak in some PBW and they always come out looking like new.

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Jun 01, 2019 by Steve Ruch

Q: Does PBW work in cold water?

A: Yes, but the warmer the water, the more effective it is.

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