550 L. Midnight Wheat Malt

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This crushed malt is produced from de-husked wheat malt which helps reduce the harshness usually present in highly roasted grains, while retaining the color, aroma, and body. Use for dark lagers and ales, and as an alternative to chocolate malt in stout and porter.Great for black IPA styles and dark Belgians. This is a good one to try if your beers seem too 'roasty'. Use 3 to 10% in the mash. Made by Briess Malting.

Dec 28, 2018 by Louis Gerard Paradis

Q: Looking to use this as well as flaked wheat in a Grain vodka recipe ...is this too dark or is there a lighter version....recipe calls for crushed wheat malt.....thanks

A: This is way too dark. Use our item M07 instead.

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