225 L. Pale Chocolate Malt

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This lightly-roasted British chocolate malt adds a unique toasty character to porters, mild ales, and stouts. Also good for adding a bit of color and maltiness to darker ales in the winter warmer style. Malted by Crisp of England.
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Kentucky Common

Review by Will Schmit on 2/10/2023

I am a cheapskate, and I brew (relatively) low ABV beers for everyday consumption. Our local RO machine vendor has doubled prices, so I have to use tap water. Using tap water, I have to balance my recipes with roasted malt. This stuff really brings down the pH and tastes great too...

Good and fresh

Review by Maurice Martin on 9/28/2020

I used this in a Imperial Stout and it adds some of the flavor I am looking for.


Review by Jg on 11/19/2015

I recently used 4 oz of Chocolate 225L and 4 oz of Special-B 140L (both finely ground) in a Baltic lager wort. The chocolate has a smooth firm chocolate flavor with less bitterness than more roasted chocolate malts. It complements the sweet wort nicely, and with the Special-B adds the right amount of color and roasty balance. I will be using this malt again in the future (i.e., this week).

Great Adjunct for Darker Beers

Review by Victor on 5/19/2011

Recently just bought one pound which I used in a stout that I brewed. Overall it adds a very nice subtle malt/dark chocolate character without being as overwhelming as black patent or roasted barley. If you are looking to brew a well balanced porter or stout without the overwhelming maltiness, this is exactly what the doctor ordered! Lightproof packaging is also nice for storage. I will certainly be ordering more in the future.


Review by Chris B. on 4/30/2009

Pros: Used in dark mild and was wonderful. The packaging from Williams was outstanding. I ordered 5# and received 5 - 1# sealed foil packages. VERY cool!!!

Cons: None noted

Oct 18, 2018 by Perzell Brewing

Q: What brand of malt is this?

A: Malted by Crisp of England.

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