580 L. Roast Barley Malt

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Slightly lighter in color than black patent, roast barley is unmalted, and therefore has a much drier, more grain-like flavor. Roast Barley is the dark malt to use when brewing Irish-style stout. Steep or mash to extract flavors.

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Made a great stout

Review by Jg on 4/4/2015

I'm basically a Lager brewer - single or double decoction (Helles, Märzen, Dunkel, Bock). My wayward son wanted to brew a stout with me, so I complied - wondering where I went wrong with his upbringing. I have to admit that the stout came out wonderfully (I lagered it 3 weeks). My Bavarian neighbor next door loved it too - I'm shocked since he criticizes everything. The roasted barley malt was not a bit astringent but gave the stout a pronounced roastidness and dry finish in the Guinness style. Also, I couldn't resist - I decocted 1 Lb of pilsner malt with 1 Lb of flaked barley for the recipe. I added the 3/4 remaining dark malts right after the sacch rest. Maris Otter was the base malt.

The bag says Crisp!

Review by Mike on 8/20/2014

Crisp makes my favorite roasted barley. Hugh Baird is everywhere and I dislike it. Briess is my second choice but is also hard to find. Williams DO NOT change your roasted barley to another maltster. I'll make an order here just to get this(and some other things.)

Aug 19, 2017 by Colin Cummings

Q: What master produces this roast barley?

A: This is produced by Crisp Malting of England.

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