Keg Land Stainless Gas Ball Lock, Barbed

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Highest quality stainless steel will last a lifetime. For the gas side of a ball-lock keg (you can tell by the grey ring around the base, the beer side has a black ring). This fitting features a ¼" hose barb.  2.25" tall.


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Built Like A Tank

Review by Paul on 2/8/2021

I've purchased these in the past. An outstanding product that will last for ever.

Heavy duty

Review by Dan on 8/13/2018

I bought this because I had a leak on my kegerator. These still leak, but at a much lower rate. William's Brewing Responds: If you have a leaky ball lock fitting that leaks when a ball lock disconnect is attached, the Keg Fitting O ring may be worn or damaged. See our item D12 for a replacement.


Review by Ryan on 9/22/2017

I knew these were great, but I didn't even know how great they were until I was talking to a friend about his plastic ball lock issues. You'll never have a problem with these, they will last forever. I'm a big fan of buying everything stainless, you get less problems in the long run.

Jun 28, 2018 by Dan

Q: Will this fit 3/16 tubing or does one need an adapter?

A: The barb is 1/4" but we find if you put tubing in boiling water for a few seconds you can work 3/16" tubing onto this barb.

Jan 08, 2018 by Benjamin

Q: Is this barb the correct size for 5/16" inside diameter gas tubing?

A: No, it is for 1/4" tubing. If you add our item D08 to this, along with a D87 Concave Washer, it will fit 5/16" tubing.

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