Keg Land Stainless Beer Ball Lock Barbed

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Made from the highest quality stainless steel to last a lifetime. For the beer side (usually marked OUT) of a ball-lock equipped keg. This fitting is barbed, and fits any 1/4" interior diameter tubing (it will also fit 3/16" interior diameter tubing if you work at it). The black ring around the base indicates that it is a beer fitting (gas fittings are grey). 2.25" high.

These fit modern kegs only: If you have older USA made ball lock kegs, you will find this ball lock fitting does not fit as it is machined a bit tighter than the old standard. These fit KegLand, AEB, Old Ale,Torpedo, and other modern kegs, BUT DO NOT FIT OLDER CORNELIUS, SPARTANBURG, FIRESTONE, ALLOY PRODUCTS, AND OTHER OLD UNBRANDED KEGS.

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Just do it

Review by Ryan on 9/22/2017

Just go for the stainless, guys. These things are so solid.

Oct 28, 2022 by Errin W.

Q: I desperately need replacement o-rings for these. Please help! -From a loyal customer!

A: Sorry, we do not have these. You might check with a good hardware store to see if you can find one that matches.

Apr 20, 2017 by Jacob

Q: Are these more low profile than the standard black and gray ones?

A: They are about the same as the plastic ball locks as far as clearance goes.

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