Silicone U Channel Gasket

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This food grade silicone U channel gasket fits our 12" S17 False Bottom, and both prevents cooler scratching and also plants the False Bottom on the bottom of the cooler securely so it will not shift, helping to prevent grain husks from getting under the screen.

Included with current S17 12" False Bottoms, this can be used to upgrade older William's and other 12" stainless false bottoms.

Also fits the Grainfather straining disks, and the Robobrew (Gen 2 and older) upper straining disk and grain pipe lid.

Average rating 9.42857142857143 out of 10 ( based on 7 reviews )

Love This!!!

Review by Jeff L. on 10/9/2020

I've been using one of these for 3 years and just love it. Extremely durable and does the job as others have described. Yes, it's a little tough to put on, but with practice I've learned to stretch it taught when first installing to provide lots of slack for the last section, then work my way around the FB again to adjust the tension evenly around the whole perimeter. Mine has developed a few little nicks / cuts after all this use, for $5 I'm ordering a new one to ship with another item I needed.

Glad This Product Exists

Review by Brian on 6/15/2020

Found this by accident, but glad it’s a thing. Works perfectly on my false bottom, and protects my cooler from scratches.

Silicone U Channel gasket

Review by Lee Theuriet on 10/8/2019

Perfect for what I needed it for!

Good, snug fit

Review by Kip on 2/19/2018

I bought this as a replacement for my Robobrew, it is a good, high quality gasket that should last a long time. It really does well at making a tight seal around my screen.

Worth investing in

Review by Ryan on 7/22/2017

This gasket is tough to get on but it prevents you from scratching up the inside of your cooler.

Jan 05, 2023 by Sean

Q: Will this gasket fit on the Grainfather filter panel?

A: Yes, this fits the lower Grainfather perforated filter disk.

Oct 19, 2020 by John Heiss

Q: Will this burn on the bottom of a boil kettle?

A: It is silicone which generally withstands 220 F or higher. We have not tested this so we are not sure.

Aug 13, 2020 by Jay

Q: What are the dimensions of this silicon trim? Wall thickness? Depth of U?

A: The wall thickness is .05" and .125" deep.

Feb 20, 2018 by John Burrow

Q: Does this allow some stretch? Would it go over a 13.5” diameter false bottom?

A: The silicone stretches, although we do not have a 13.5" false bottom to test it on, so we do not know if this will fit.

Sep 18, 2017 by Pat

Q: Does this fit your Sanke Keg false bottom that says its 113/4?

A: No, this would be too loose.

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