Sankey Keg False Bottom

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This 11.75" concave type 304 stainless false bottom fits the bottom of a Sankey Keg with the top cut off. It features a stainless flared output tube that is 3/8" diameter, to accept our J50 Thermoplastic tubing (going from the tube to a 3/8" hose barb on the inside of your KettleValve (hose barb not included with KettleValve, order separately).
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False Bottom worked perfect!

Review by Eric on 12/4/2017

I used this in a Sanke 15.5 Gallon Keg in my MASH TUN. I drilled the hole larger for 1/2" tubing and used a mechanical connection to eliminate movement. The flange on the bottom of this fit the profile of my keg perfectly, very solid construction for use as a False Bottom doing full 10 gallon batches!!

Sanke Keg False Bottom

Review by Fred on 5/29/2015

Received the false bottom and was disappointed right off the bat. Looked like a novice sheetmetal worker made this. It rocks at the bottom of the keg and has waves in both outside rim and the downslope. It may not be bad enough to let the malt pass thru but who's going to pay when a mash/sparge goes south with 25# of grain. Williams told me that all their in stock Sanke Keg False Bottoms look like that. I'm returning mine. William's Responds: Fred,We offered to replace yours and we will send a replacement when we receive yours. We have sold thousands of these and yours is the first defective unit. We will send a new one and let us know if this suits yours needs.


Review by Anthony on 4/21/2015

I used a 3/8" to half in compression fitting . The tube sits just off the bottom leaving no wort left behind. The screen hugs the Sanke keg. Wonderful!

Awesome product and price

Review by preston on 11/3/2012

This is a great addition to a snake boil kettle or even your mash tun. Only wish it came with a half inch dip tube. However that is an easy DIY project!!!

Fits sanke keg very well

Review by Chad on 11/1/2012

I have this connected to a weldless kettle valve with a stainless 3/8" male NPT to 3/8" compression fitting (not cheap or easy to find) and it worked amazingly well. Easy to disassemble and clean. Looks very clean and professional. Had to cut maybe 1" off the stainless tube to get the length into the fitting correct, but no problem there. The one issue I ran into (my fault) was to make sure you have the curved tube inserted through the hole in the false bottom before you press on the compression fitting. Once the fitting is on you can't get it through the hole in the false bottom. To get around this I had to cut off the flared end of the tube put the false bottom back on, and then used a flaring tool to re-flare the tubing. Luckily I had the valve hole drilled a bit low so the false bottom still rests on the bottom of the keg. Other than my mistake very happy with this product.

Jun 24, 2022 by Matt

Q: How to you attach the dip tube to a spigot?

A: You will need the following parts:
L61 Valve
B50 Bulkhead
L86 Nut
L83 Hose Barb
L11 O Ring
J50 1' Thermoplastic tubing

This B50 bulkhead will fit in a 7/8" hole you drill in your mash tun.

Sep 19, 2018 by Lowell

Q: Is there a fitting to hold the dip tube rigid and and off the bottom or does it just sit loose?

A: It sits loose, although the tubing you attach to this to exit the keg generally holds it rigid enough.

Oct 26, 2017 by Norman Lane

Q: Is the tube attached to the false bottom or just passes through a hole?

A: It just passes through a hole.

Aug 27, 2017 by Darren

Q: What is the diameter

A: 12 inches

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