1 Pint Star San HB (No Air Shipment)

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Five Star Chemicals has been producing cleansers for commercial breweries for some time, and has now packaged their cleaning technology into home brewing sized packages. Their approach is twofold; the brewer first uses Powdered Brewery Cleaner to remove deposits from equipment, and then uses Star San, a professional grade soaking sanitizer, to sanitize the cleaned equipment.  When diluted as instructed, Star San does not require rinsing, and will not stain.   Both PBW and Star San are safe for limited contact use with stainless steel, plastic, copper, brass, and ceramics, and are safe for septic systems. 

This one pint bottle of Star San will make up to 80 gallons of dilute working solution that does not need to be rinsed after use. Use by itself, or in conjunction with PBW powdered brewery cleaner (to remove deposits before the final rinse).

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Great sanitizer.

Review by Christopher on 4/29/2020

Five Star works great. I've been using it for at least 15 years and never had a problem with natural carbonation when bottling. Follow directions. By the way, do not let your grolsh style bottles sit in the sanitizer too long or you will take the chrome finish off of the locking mechanism, I learned this the hard way. Since it is a foaming sanitizer a little goes a long way. Best in Brewing.

Sanitize all the things

Review by Jason Z on 3/30/2020

Been using this for a while and finally kicked my 8oz bottle which i just realized was 8oz when this one showed up and was double the size, whoops. Well now i can sanitize everything after its initial cleaning. Our beer glasses no longer foam as much which kinda disturbs me that there was that much left before i started the star san spritzing.

Highly recommend

Review by Kurt on 1/24/2014

This sanitizer is great. No rinsing is needed. You don't even need to worry about the foam left in the container but I usually rinse most of it out. I've never had an infection when using this product.

foaming Star San

Review by ricardo on 4/29/2013

I've been using this for a year or two. Yes it does foam. I siphon from tank to tank and this eliminates a lot of it. Excellent product!


Review by Erik on 1/21/2012

Does a good job and is twice as concentrated as BTF Iodophor, but as the other reviewers have noted it foams up a lot!

Aug 24, 2022 by John Faustini

Q: I've been using Star San for years and often make a 5-gal batch that I keep in a bucket and reuse for several weeks, as long as it stays clean. Is this safe to do? I haven't had any problems, but just wondering if there's any guidance on how long it retains effectiveness.

A: As long as you keep the solution in a sealed container, it will be fine. I do the same thing and store it in one gallon jugs and have never had a problem.

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