Nukatap Triple Flow Control Complete Stainless Tower

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The Nukatap brushed stainless 3" draft tower will add a special touch to your home bar. These can be installed on the top of small refrigerators, and also on the top of a bar surface with a refrigerator underneath. Three stainless Nukatap flow control faucets are included, along with all stainless Nukatap Duotight Shanks and 5' of EvaBarrier 4mm by 8mm beer tubing for each shank. In addition, we include 5' of 5mm by 8mm EvaBarrier gas tubing in case you want to hook up a gas line.

This tower is foam-insulated and features a wide 3" body for good cold air circulation (wider towers help keep the top of the tower colder, as they facilitate the flow of cold air from your refrigerator into the tower).

 Towers must be mounted (you need a 3" holesaw) so cold refrigerator air can flow into the tower. Nickel-plated 1½" wood screws and base sealing rubber gasket are included. 12½" tall (16" tall with faucet handle attached), 3" diameter.

This tower can be made self closing by purchasing optional Self Closing Spring item I23.

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Great purchase

Review by Marc on 2/22/2019

This is really great deal. The tower is well made and all the accessories are a plus. Came with everything you need to connect right to a coupler or quick disconnect. Faucets, shanks, 12 feet of EVA tubing per faucet (36 feet total), wrench, and all the clamps you need to connect it. Mounting was pretty easy and the unit is very solid. I attached it to a wood top that I made as the lid on my keezer. Williams was great with their support as well. I actually ordered 2 of these and they accidentally shipped one with flow control faucets and one without. They immediately offered to exchange it for me but since I was ok with keeping it they gladly refunded me the difference. I did a lot of shopping around and even considered building my own tower, but when you start adding up the cost you realize this is a great deal.

Nov 18, 2019 by Jamy

Q: Are the faucets Stainless steel?

A: Yes, type 304 stainless.

Sep 14, 2018 by Ryan Lawlyes

Q: Is the beer and gas line replaceable in this tower? I am asking because 4’ will not be long enough for my application.

A: Yes, the towers come unassembled and you can use any 3/16" beer tubing you want.

Apr 23, 2018 by Jaz

Q: Are these inter tap faucets forward sealing faucets?

A: Yes

Aug 10, 2017 by Davin

Q: Do the shanks in the tower have the self closing faucet spring attached?

A: No, towers do not have self closing springs, and flow control faucets cannot be used with Intertap closing springs. So they should not be ordered for use with this tower.

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