Nukatap Triple Complete Stainless Tower

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The Nukatap brushed stainless 3" draft tower will add a special touch to your home bar. These can be installed on the top of small refrigerators, and also on the top of a bar surface with a refrigerator underneath. Three stainless Nukatap faucets are included, along with all stainless Nukatap Duotight Shanks, two DuoTight Splitters, and 5' of 4mm by 8mm EvaBarrier beer tubing for each shank. In addition, we included 8' of EvaBarrier 5mm by 8mm gas tubing in case you want to hook up your gas.

This tower is foam-insulated and features a wide 3" body for good cold air circulation (wider towers help keep the top of the tower colder, as they facilitate the flow of cold air from your refrigerator into the tower).

 Towers must be mounted (you need a 3" holesaw) so cold refrigerator air can flow into the tower. Nickel-plated 1½" wood screws and base sealing rubber gasket are included. 12½" tall (16" tall with faucet handle attached), 3" diameter.

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Foam be gone!

Review by Brandon on 6/16/2020

Bought this tower with the intention on helping clear my dripping problem from my old taps. The taps on this are high quality and dont drip anymore [note they dont come with springs to auto close]. Grab them for 2$ (L30). Also, the duotight fittings and lines has all but eliminated the unwanted foam from my beer. 100% would recommend.

Intertap Triple Tower - Excellent

Review by Jon Foster on 12/30/2017

Exactly as described, easy assembly, great upgrade from my single I had on my kegerator. Fast shipping, good packaging. Got a new sticker for my kegerator and a catalog to look through. I will be ordering from them again.

Apr 15, 2022 by Stephen Gabriel

Q: Is it possible to get this tower but with only 1 tap assembly? I already have a 2 tap tower and wanted to upgrade to a third so I only need the 1 faucet assembly and lines and the 3 hole tower. I didn't see a 3 hole tower listed on your site by itself.

A: At present we only sell these with taps included. We will look into this for the future.

May 03, 2021 by John

Q: Is there room in the tower for a coldtower cooling line? They seem like a complete package - is there anything else I need to install it?

A: Yes, there is room for a cooling air pipe like the one that is included in our Tower Cooling Kit item Q61. It is a 3" diameter tower, so you have at least and inch and a half of space to play with inside the tower as far as installing a cooling pipe.

Aug 11, 2020 by Brandon

Q: How are the 4 attachment holes positioned relative to the faucets? Are they aligned with the middle faucet or more inline with the left and right faucet? Seeing if I can reuse my existing holes without the tower being rotated.

A: They are more aligned with the left and right faucet holes.

Dec 11, 2019 by Ryan

Q: I was wondering if this would work on a beverage air single tap Kegerator?

A: It has a 3" diameter base, and if you click on one of the thumbnail pictures on the product, it shows a ruler across the 4 screw holes. If your kegerator is compatible with this diameter tower, and can accommodate the screw hole spacing, this should work.

Oct 02, 2019 by John

Q: Does this come assembled? Instructions included? And what are the splitters for? Why 2? Thanks!

A: No, you assemble this with the included wrench. Instructions for attaching to a Kegland Kegerator are included. There are two splitters because gas tubing is included, and if you were installing this in a kegerator, you would need both splitters to end up with three gas lines for three kegs.

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