Nukatap Double Complete Stainless Tower

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The Intertap brushed stainless 3" draft tower will add a special touch to your home bar. These can be installed on the top of small refrigerators, and also on the top of a bar surface with a refrigerator underneath. Two stainless Nukatap faucets are included, along with all stainless DuoTight Nukatap Shanks and 5' of 4mm by 8mm EvaBarrier beer tubing for each shank. In addition, we include 8' of EvaBarrier 5mm by 8mm gas tubing in case you need to hook up your gas line.

This tower is foam-insulated and features a wide 3" body for good cold air circulation (wider towers help keep the top of the tower colder, as they facilitate the flow of cold air from your refrigerator into the tower).

 Towers must be mounted (you need a 3" holesaw) so cold refrigerator air can flow into the tower. Machine screws and base sealing rubber gasket are included. 12½" tall (16" tall with faucet handle attached), 3" diameter.

Average rating 9.5 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

nice looking tower

Review by Dave on 6/17/2017

I needed a larger tower and was going to diy one, but for the price of materials and the two taps with shanks I wouldn't be saving much. It's nice looking and the taps function well. I didn't use the included tubing, but might give it a try down the road just out of curiosity how it works. There was more than 4 foot of tubing maybe close to 10, I never measured it. The tower cools nicely. I only have 2 small issues with it, that I don't really think effect the rating. It came with machine screws not wood screws, not a big deal I have some on hand. The second thing I did find I had to stick some insulation in the tower around the shank area. I was getting condensation on the outside of the tower in this area (florida in summer doesn't help), but it does show I get good cooling. This really didn't bother me as I put some armaflex tape on the caps anyways and just had to do a little more.

Great Tower and Value

Review by Matt on 12/9/2017

I bought the complete tower kit with double faucet and couldn't be happier with it. It was easy to install (I have an old Summit kegerator from about 2001) and everything seems well made. I only have one keg running off of it right now but looking forward to getting another hooked up in a couple weeks.

Good kit

Review by Coop on 5/22/2018

Replaced my original single tap with this kit. Tower and tap very good quality. The tap lines that came with it are not real pliable and are a little lower quality than I would have preferred. A little difficult to work with. Soften up with some hot water for fitting connections. Overall good product.

Dual stainless Steel tower

Review by Randy on 10/5/2018

Replaced a single tower with this. Installation went well. Current kegerator can had an adapter I removed and the double tapper screwed right in place. Great quality and works better then anticipated. Can’t go wrong with Williams Brewing.

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Oct 24, 2020 by LB

Q: Does this come assembled? And are the self-closing springs installed?

A: This item does not come assembled. The self closing springs must be purchased separately. The springs are item L30 and cost $1.99 each.

Sep 14, 2019 by Pete

Q: Are the shanks that the faucets connect to stainless or chrome plated?

A: The shanks are type 304 stainless.

Nov 13, 2018 by Tom

Q: Does this come with the black plastic faucet handles and the faucet wrench or would these need to be purchased separately?

A: Yes. It comes with the tower, taps, tap handles, wrench, tubing and clamps.

Mar 20, 2018 by skyler

Q: do the holes for the screws on this product mount in an X like fashion or a cross like fashion when lined up correctly?

A: Not quite sure what you mean here, check out the photo with the ruler on the product page.

May 31, 2017 by Rich

Q: Are the Intertap SS faucets with the tower the current -G2 (generation 2) model?

A: Yes, all the Intertap we sell is second generation.

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