.5 Micron Hose Barb Oxygen Stone

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This type 304 stainless oxygen stone features a very fine .5 micron stainless diffusion stone, coupled to a 1/4" male hose barb, to fit any 1/4" interior diameter tubing. This works with oxygen and air compressors but not with air pumps, as the .5 micron stone is too restrictive for fish tank type air pumps. 2" long, 1/2" wide. 

Note: Our Q11 Oxygen Regulator does not fit this, as its hose barb is smaller than 1/4"
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Oxygen Stone

Review by Larry Tyler on 12/6/2019

I have only used this one time. There seems to be bubbles coming from where the barbed fitting is pressed into the stone, besides coming out of the stone. I have not used one before but this did not seem to be normal. The stone was boiled in hot water before use. Total boil time was less than 3 minutes. Seem to help with a quick start on fermentation for my high gravity Imperial Red Ale. Time will tell if the pressed in barb works it's way out.

Perfect for O2 infusion

Review by John Yates on 2/3/2018

This works perfectly for infusing pure O2 into cooled wort. I got the best and most active fermentation ever after using this with O2. The final gravity indicated that it fermented completely.

Wort aeration

Review by Jeremy on 3/1/2017

Bought a medical oxygen on Craigslist and used regular oxygen tubing which connected the tank with barb on the stone. Boiled before and after use. Kept in Star San prior to aeration. Instructions say not to touch to keep oils from your fingers from clogging pores so I wore gloves. This is for compressed air-if you're using an aquarium pump get the 2 micron. 🍻

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