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Brown Ale in Southern England has traditionally been a bit sweet and low in gravity, while Brown Ale from the North has been stronger and drier in flavor. Our Brown Ale is modeled after the more hearty style of Brown Ale brewed in Northern England, and features a rich nut-like malt flavor and dark amber color lightly accented with English hops. Alcohol: 4.0%, IBU's 25.

Includes 7 lbs. of our blended malt extract, English Fuggle and Golding hops, 125 ml of liquid ale yeast, and corn sugar for carbonation. Makes 5 gallons of ale with a starting gravity of 1.044. Ease of Brewing: Beginner

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

Average rating 8.94594594594594 out of 10 ( based on 37 reviews )

my favorite!

Review by TONI W. on 9/18/2005

Pros: I have made this brown ale many times, and have NEVER had it turn out bad! I get raves from friends who try it, they can't believe little ol' me made a beer that tastes this great!

Cons: not a beer for those that don't care for darker beers.

Brown Ale

Review by Robert E T. on 4/22/2006

Pros: First time brewing this Willims recipe. Have been home brewing over 10 years and consumers of this brewing tell me it is our (son-in-law and I) best ever. I compared it to a british brown ale and found it compared favorably. I liked ours better.

Cons: I think that if you fail to be meticulous in brewing this one you will not have the best result.

So Far So Good!

Review by Mikel C. on 5/29/2006

Pros: I really like the Williams brewing kit. Makes it simple for the beginer while producing excellent brew. Just bottled this one, but I of course sampled a bit while checking with the hydrometer. Very tasty! I look forward to a great beer.

First batch

Review by Matthew C. on 8/12/2006

Pros: I made this kit as my first homebrew. I was very pleased. The process is very simple and the result is fantastic. If you like brown ale, you will love this kit. Drank mine side by side with a Sam Smith's Nut Brown and they're very similar (which is exactly what I was hoping for!). This first experience has me completely hooked - I ordered my second kit about 2 minutes after popping the top on my first brown ale. I plan to make a batch of bitter and a batch of stout, but I'm guessing that this Brown Ale will be my staple. I can't imagine liking anything else as much!

Cons: None...unless you consider increased beer consumption a con.

A Great Kit

Review by Gavin S-L on 1/13/2007

Pros: I really enjoyed this kit--both making and drinking it. The directions were very easy to follow and left little room for error. The beer itself was very good--overall it's definately a beer I'd pay good money for. I will definately be ordering this kit again.

Cons: A little shy on body, but comparable to Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale in almost every way. Very little bad to say about this beer.

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Oct 06, 2020 by Steve

Q: What is the yeast that you use in the brown ale?

A: Wyeast London Ale 1028

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