English Bitter Home Brewing Beer Kit

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The most popular draft beer in England, Bitter, despite its astringent name, has less hop flavor (bitterness) than pale ale. Bitter is known in England as a session beer, which means it has a flavor people do not tire of when they are having a few, and the alcohol content is not so strong as to numb the brain during the drinking session, as the social custom in England requires that everyone in the group buy a round of 20 ounce pints smooth malty beer, balanced with a noticeable but not strong English hop bitterness. Bitter is traditionally served on draft, as the lower carbonation levels inherent in draft beer best showcase its smooth character. Alcohol: 4.5%, IBU's 31.

Includes 6.5 lbs. of our blended malt extract, English Golding hops, 125 ml of liquid ale yeast, and corn sugar for carbonation. Makes 5 gallons with a starting gravity of at least 1.044. Ease of Brewing: Beginner

Click to download the instructions in pdf format.

Average rating 8.68085106382979 out of 10 ( based on 47 reviews )

Very Good refreshing brew

Review by Dave on 4/10/2022

This is a very enjoyable ale. Not sure how close to authentic English Bitter but fits the description characteristics provided by William's. Low in alcohol and hops for sure. Those I have shared it with gave it praise! We will enjoy each refreshing glass!

A Good English Bitter

Review by Brian Martin on 12/15/2021

English bitters are my favorite beer. I love asking for the local bitter in whatever pub I visit when in England so I wanted to try this one. I over carbonated it a bit so my first batch wasn't as smooth as I'd like but the taste was spot on and a big hit with everyone who's tried it. I'm ordering my second kit and am looking forward to improving the carbonation.

Sierra Nevada look-alike

Review by Patrick Moore on 11/27/2021

If you're looking for a beer that looks and taste like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, this ones for you. The beer conditions nicely in the bottle, resulting in a bright refreshing ale.

A great session beer

Review by Mike Williams on 10/7/2021

With my All Grain equipment off-line right now I have returned to brewing extract kits and taken to recording the experience for YouTube. This was an easy beer to brew and ideal for a beginners brewing video. I would recommend this and will be brewing it again in the future. The videos can be seen here (Pt 1 - Brew day) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuV2Y7jhduE&t=10s and here (Pt 2 - Kegging and Tasting) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pxL4Rx4P-I

It’s great. BREW IT!

Review by Evan Barlow on 1/29/2021

Just about to finish the last bottle. From a first-time brewer: -Process was easy, approaching foolproof, and the instructions were excellent. -All ingredients were of excellent quality. -End result was a well-balanced, all-day drinking beer. Literally every person that has tried it has said the same thing: “THIS IS DELICIOUS.” Follow the instructions to a T, make sure all of your stuff is sanitized, and get ready for 5 gallons of delicious!

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