2 Lbs. Vietnam Catimor Arabica

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Vietnam has been known for its higher caffeine, rougher flavored Robusta coffees, but is now planting Arabica coffee strains, including Catimor. This is a surprisingly smooth and full flavored coffee, and a great value.


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Peru El Palto

Review by James Smith on 2/25/2020

My wife and I thought we would try something new. This sounded interesting. This coffee from the moment I opened the bag was different. The smell was different from any other coffee we had ever opened. Very earthy and almost like a rain forest. Brewing it was somewhat the same. The taste is earthy, tropical, and at first a little off putting. We have continued and I have lighten up a little on the roast. Better taste today than before. Not our favorite but okay. Still hard to beat El Salvador Andes and Hue Hue. 3 stars for Peru El Palto.

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