Grainfather & Brewzilla Copper Dome Package

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Make your own whiskey, bourbon, rum, brandy
The large pure copper dome helps remove bitter compounds
• All you need is a 35 liter Brewzilla/Robobrew/Digiboil or 30 Liter Grainfather 
• Save $20.00 over separate purchase prices

Do you own a 30 Liter Grainfather, 35 Liter Robobrew, 35 Liter Brewzilla, 35 Liter Digiboil, or T500 Boiler and want to get into making your own whiskey, bourbon, rum, or cognac?  We have the perfect package that includes everything you need except a Grainfather type unit and ingredients to get into distilling your own whiskey, bourbon, cognac, rum. This is a Pot Still package, which means the simple pure copper condenser included does not strip all the flavor out of the mash, required for true bourbon, whiskey, cognac, and rum. This is not the best setup for Vodka, Gin, or other clear spirits, as it leaves too much flavor in the final product. Note: This does not fit the 65 Liter Brewzilla or 65 Liter Digiboil.

The large pure copper contact area of the dome and still helps remove bitter sulfur compounds from the distillate, resulting in the smoothest possible flavor. This is not the best setup for Vodka, Gin, or other clear spirits, as it leaves too much flavor in the final product.

Includes a Kegland Quick Disconnect Pot Distilling Arm,  Copper Dome Distilling Lid sized for Grainfather/Brewzilla, Cooling Connection Kit with 20' of tubing, Glass Hydrometer Jar, Alcometer Hydrometer, and complete instructions. Please read the instructions below before ordering.

Note: This looks very similar to the Mash & Boil Dome Conversion Package, but has a slightly narrower dome, to accommodate the single wall Grainfather/Brewzilla style boiler.

Click to download the instructions in pdf format. Note that the instructions are for the pot still condenser only, and do not show the included copper dome.


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Easy peasy

Review by Steven on 12/19/2021

I was looking to get into distilling and came into a grainfather. This dome and still head was a perfect fit and my mud room sink faucet an easy cooling source. The results so far are great for stripping runs and the spirit runs are very predictable. The dome fits the alcoengine reflux column too if you catch the bug.

Jan 01, 2023 by Mark

Q: Do you sell a gin basket that is compatible with this product?

A: No, the gin basket is only compatible with the Still Spirits Reflux Condenser.

Feb 24, 2021 by Michael Cavender

Q: Which lid is included in this kit? By the other Q&A it seems like the lid that doesn't fit digiboil/mash well. Is there a conversion kit that includes the copper dome that fits the digiboil to take advantage of the package savings?

A: This includes our lid Q89 which has been recently changed to fit the Digiboil perfectly.

Oct 10, 2020 by Michael Randazzo

Q: Will this fit my KegLand Digiboil z90?

A: It does, but not very well. We believe the clamps on the Digiboil are not correct for this dome, as they are hard to close, which stresses the clamps and would probably lead to their premature failure.

Sep 25, 2020 by Steve S

Q: Will this work with the Anvil Foundry without any additional parts or conversions?

A: No, it will not fit the Anvil Foundry. The conversion kits for the Mash and Boil will work with the Anvil Foundry unit.

Sep 24, 2020 by Rich

Q: What are the differences between this package and the cheaper conversion package for the Grainfather?

A: The difference between the still conversions C81 and R10 is the lid. Item C81 uses a stainless steel lid and item R10 uses a copper dome which is more efficient.

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