3056 Bavarian Wheat

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Blend of top fermenting ale and wheat strains. Produces a mild, balanced wheat beer, with a slight clove accent. Medium flocculation, attenuation: 73-77%. Ideal temperature range: 64-70°F.

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Great for Kristallweizen

Review by Steve R on 6/4/2012

I used this with Williams German Weizenmalt extract to make a great Kristallweizen--flavor was subtly but distinctly wheat, not the really strong banana-clove flavors of big wheat beers. It reminded me very much of the first wheat beer I had, in Bavaria in the early 80s: different enough from Pilsener so you knew it was something else but not so different that it took getting used to.

Patience my friend

Review by Craig on 5/13/2011

I planned to brew on Saturday, so broke the packet on Thurs night, since the directions said 3-5 days. But Sat came, and no action. Delayed brewing until Sunday, but still no action in the package, so I pitched some dry yeast instead. I thought that extended shipping time (I live in Asia) corrupted the yeast, and it was bad. But Monday the packet expanded as it should. Too late for that batch and too early for the next, I was forced to dump it. So allow plenty of time for the Activator to activate, and you should be alright.

Used this on several batches

Review by John Vossler on 5/1/2009

Pros: Easy to use and robust, one package sat in the refrigerator for over 6 months and after pitching began percolating the primary fermenter in just a few hours. Good attenuation and can withstand cooler temps. Gives a good uniform finished product.

Cons: None that I have ever found

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