2278 Czech Pils Yeast

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Classic pilsner strain for a dry but malty finish. More temperature sensitive than most, this one should be fermented at 48 to 55 degrees F. Medium flocculation, attenuation: 70-74%. 125 ml pack.

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Perfect yeast for behemian pilseners

Review by jeff on 6/19/2018

The yeast is my preferred yeast for those malty, complex Bohemian pilsners like that first ever pale lager brewed in Pilsen in 1842 that created such a sensation in the brewing world. 2 row Pils malt and Czech Saaz hops create the most authentic examples. It finishes dry and malty with a long round finish with assertive soft bitterness from the hops. I always incorporate a diacetyl rest for two days near the end of fermentation at 65-68f. Sulfur produced dissipates with conditioning at lager temps. 52-55f is the best temp for two week fermentations.

Excellent Pilsners

Review by Todd on 12/11/2013

I spent a lot of time in northern Germany and am well acquainted with the best Pilsners. I tried for several years to re-create these great brews at home. A couple of years ago I perfected the recipe and this yeast is key to the success. I do make a starter using two cups of corn sugar per liter – one liter per five gallon batch. The other ingredients are 6 lbs German Pils, 1lb 15L or 20L crushed Crystal, 4 oz Saaz hops and gypsum. I ferment it at around 50 F for 5 to 6 weeks. After priming with 1 ¼ cup of corn sugar and bottling, the beer needs to lager for months. The result is fabulous; great head development and retention, wonderful color and clarity, superb taste. Some may choose to use 6 oz hops for a little more dryness. But back to this yeast, it really makes this beer the best.

Czech Pils Yeast

Review by Eric S. on 5/16/2011

Pros: This yeast is a great, clean tasting lager strain. I used it to create a traditional Pilsner with german Pils extract, grains and Noble hops. This pilsner really gave an authentic flavor and I definitely recommend it. Cons: You MUST use a starter with this packet -- on the packet it says it will start your beer without, and that may be but it will take way too long to get cranking. Use a starter and get the fermentation going straight away.

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