Safale Be-134 Dry Saison Yeast

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Top fermenting yeast designed for Saison style beers, with very high attenuation, fruity aromas, and hints of spicy clove. 11.5 gram packet is good for pitching 5 gallons.

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Its fine but I preffer Danstar's Belle Saison

Review by Brian on 10/9/2017

I just kegged a Lemon Grass Saison where I fermented half the batch with Danstar's Belle Saison and the other half with this SafAle BE -134. The SafAle BE -134 performed as expected. Atenuation, Flocculation all of that was in the parameters described. The flavor profile imparted by the yeast of OK. But the Danstar's Belle Saison was more "Belgiany" if you know what i mean. The esters and phenols where more pronounced in the Danstar product and where perfect for the style. Now, in fairness Danstar's BellE Saison has been my go to for Saison brews for years and so my prefference my be skewed by that. TL;DR SAFALE BE-134 DRY SAISON YEAST does exactly what is says it does. but I think Danstar's Belle Saison does it better

Mar 30, 2018 by chris

Q: hi, since the recommended fermentation temp is from 64-82 if I ferment at say 66-68 will that be on the cooler side and cause less esters? I'm just asking since the temperature range is quite broad on this yeast, would getting around 70-72 be better?

A: Yes, cooler means less esters and flavors produced by the yeast.

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