Mangrove Jack's M21 Belgian Wit

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A traditional top-fermenting yeast that has a good balance between fruity esters and warming spice phenolics. The yeast will leave some sweetness and will drop bright if left long enough.

Suitable for Witbier, Grand Cru, Spiced Ales and other specialty beers.

Attenuation: High

Flocculation: Low

Usage Directions: Sprinkle directly on up to 23 L (6 US Gal) of wort. For best results, ferment at 18-25 degrees C (64-77 degrees F).

Storage Recommendations: Store in the fridge

10g Sachet



Jul 05, 2018 by Daniel

Q: Picture shows M31. Im looking for M21. Do you have M21 avaliable? Also, when is the expiration date for M21?

A: Sorry, the picture is wrong and we do have M21 which is what you will get when you order this. The current expiration of M21 Belgian Wit Yeast is 09/2019 We will correct the picture shortly! Thanks for alerting us.

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