Windsor Ale Dry Yeast

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A very popular yeast which produces a very neutral clean flavor. One of our favorite dry yeasts, although it does not attenuate as far down as many other ales yeasts - expect slightly higher final gravities and a bit sweeter flavor profile. Medium flocculation, attenuation: 73-77%.   (  THESE EXPIRE 11-2022  )

11 gram pack is good for pitching 5 gallons. Click here to download a manufacturer's specification sheet.

Average rating 8.16666666666666 out of 10 ( based on 6 reviews )

The best!

Review by Bryan on 2/17/2017

This is the ideal yeast for New England Style IPAs. I can't believe people knocked off stars for it being cloud. Hello- This is a low flocc yeast! If you wanted a clear beer, you should have picked a different product. Fast and furious but clean ferment with a touch of London-esc fruity esters.

White House Honey Ale

Review by Justin on 5/16/2013

Great for the White House Honey Ale. Awaiting my next batch!

Fast acting yeast

Review by Rawdul on 2/10/2013

This yeast will furiously burn through wort in 2-4 days and be done. I have been very happy with it in around 1.050 ales. It attenuates at a slightly higher gravity than one might expect, but it makes a good tasting ale.

windsor ale yeast

Review by Jim on 8/1/2009

Pros: quick fermenting, gives ales a smoothe and mellow aftertaste

Cons: none

Windsor yeast

Review by tgrudzin on 9/21/2007

Pros: Quick fermenting

Cons: It's cloudy. Good for cask conditioned beer, but just doesn't give me that crystal clear beer

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