Safale K97

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German ale yeast ferments with a large firm head and produces beers with a full body. Also good for Belgian Ales. Medium attenuation. Temperature range: 54-76 degrees F., with an ideal temperature range of 59-68 degrees F. 11 gram pack.
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Average rating 8 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

will use this yeast again

Review by Stephen Ruch on 7/16/2017

I used this to brew an alt and was very happy with the results. I plan to use it on my next Widmer type wheat ale.

good yeast but be wary of Fermentis' descriptions

Review by Chris on 1/13/2016

In my experience with this yeast, it is a very clean German ale yeast with very low ester production when used in the low 60s. It should not be used for Belgian ales as suggested in the description. Due to its clean character, I would recommend it for altbiers or anything American where that profile is wanted. It seems to exhibit a relatively short lag time and gets 6-8 degrees above ambient temperature after 48 hours. I get average attenuation but poor flocculation from this strain which I believe is also contradictory to Fermentis' information. I love their yeast but they really have to work on the information about their strains...

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