William's Pale Ale Malt Extract

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Our Pale Ale extract is mashed from the finest two row European pale ale malt, and is ideal for English and American style Pale Ale and Bitter. Compared with our German Pils extract, this one has a slightly darker color and a hint of caramel in the malt flavor. An aromatic, rich flavored pale extract with a 'just mashed' character for ale and IPA styles.

Approximate SRM color value of 6 pounds of extract dissolved into 5 gallons of water before boiling: 7

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Review by Kelly on 6/14/2019

A friend wanted to learn how to brew. I figured it was a perfect time to try Williams extract. I designed a simple APA. We used an 8lb bag of the Pale Ale Malt extract, a few ounces of Crystal 40 steeped and 2 oz Sterling hops in 3 additions. It turned out quite drinkable and tasty. A great first beer. I love all grain brewing. It relaxes my brain. Sadly with my work schedule I do not always have the time. I will definitely be using Williams extract to get my brew on when I am short on time. Good stuff.

Serria Nevada Style Pale Ale

Review by Tom D on 5/5/2017

A standard of craft brewing in our time. This come pretty close to SNPA. All ingredients from Williams, the 8LBS.LME works perfect. OG = 1.057 FG= 1.010 ABV= 6.17 Color= 9.52 IBU= 40.6 5.5 Gal. Boiled 5 Gal. Batch 8 Lbs. William's Pale Ale LME 1 LB. DRY GOLDEN LIGHT .3 LB 60L GREAT WESTERN CRYSTAL CRUSHED .25 LB. 2° L. CARA-PILS MALT CRUSHED .5 OZ MAGNUM PELLETS, 60 minutes .75oz PERLE PELLETS, 15 Minutes 1oz CASCADE PELLETS, 1 Minutes 1 TSP IRISH MOSS FERMENTIS US-05 SAFALE Steeped Crystal & Cara-Pilles at 158F for 20min. then removed. Mixed LME and DME and boiled 60 minutes w/ Magnum, 15min. w/Perle and Irish Moss, 1min. w/ Cascade Cooled to 85F and pitched Safale US-05, 68F Fermenting temperature Transferred to Secondary after 14 days After 7 Days started cold conditioning by reducing temperature 3F per day to 32F. 6 Weeks conditioning then transferred to keg and forced carbonated One of my best brews to date!!! The true test now is to do it again! Thanks William's, Cheers


Review by Dan G on 4/6/2017

Used it to make an IPA. Will order more than one next time. Good taste and the eight pound package was just right.

My Go To Extract

Review by RobJ on 2/13/2016

I really like this LME because it gives me a nice foundation in which to base my creations. It has never failed to provide the necessary base incredients from which to create a nice Pale Ale or Amber.

Great Base

Review by Larry on 7/29/2013

Eight pounds of this malt extract with your favorite hops will make a great Pale Ale or IPA. I use this as a base for my hop combination experiments.

Aug 19, 2020 by George

Q: What’s your turnover rate on your extract (avg age when leaving your door)?

A: It can vary from 2 weeks old to 6 months old.

Jul 24, 2020 by Bob B.

Q: How long does liquid malt extract last in the plastic bags?

A: 6 months at room temperature, a year or longer if refrigerated.

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