William's Nut Brown Extract

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Our Nut Brown extract has been formulated specifically for brown ale brewing. We worked over a year developing this extract, which includes a blend of pale, victory, crystal, chocolate, and other malts to give a rich dark amber color and complex malt character with a nutty, almost walnut-like accent.

Approximate SRM color value of 6 pounds of extract dissolved into 5 gallons of water before boiling: 13


Average rating 9.42857142857143 out of 10 ( based on 14 reviews )

Nut Brown Extract

Review by Tony on 12/18/2020

I had not made a nut brown ale before, but after reading about the blend of various malts that go into making this extract, I decided to try it using only hops and ale yeast that would not alter the flavor. The result is a delicious blend of flavors, nutty with a slight roasted tasted. Likely to become one of my favorites!

Still in carboy

Review by David Ryan on 12/7/2020

8 lbs into 4 gallons w/ no steeped grains. SG was 1.070, FG is 1.025. FG was higher than expected using Windsor dry yeast. Took more than a week for yeast to settle and have a clear dark brown beer.

High quality extract

Review by Eric Plambeck on 7/26/2020

This extract tastes great. I get 41 starting gravity points per pound gallon. Extract from "Wine and the People" days was more like 37. The head retention is fantastic and the lace is very fine. Well done. William's Responds: Wow, Wine and The People, that brings us back to when we were first starting, and Peter Brehm was one of our guiding lights. Thanks for the complement!

Good quality and convenient

Review by Glenn on 3/28/2020

I've used this malt extract for Nut Brown Ale many times. It makes a good beer, and there's no need to steep any specialty malts. Lately I've gone a little out of style guidelines by going low on bitterness (0.30 BU:GU ratio) and using US-05 yeast. For those of you who like a malty beer, this might be worth a try.

Brown ale extract

Review by Ben on 1/6/2014

Outstanding brew a must try if you have been wanting to do a very easy brown ale this is it

Oct 24, 2021 by Keith

Q: Does this extract have an expiration date? I have a pack I bought 6 months ago and the pouch is swollen. Is it still ok to use?

A: If the extract is kept in the refrigerator, it is good for around a year. If your pack is swollen, then it has started to ferment and should not be used.

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