Firestone Nylon Insert

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White Nylon Insert for some older Firestone Challenger (no V or VI imprint) and John Wood 85 ball-lock kegs. 7/16" tall, by 5/8" wide white nylon.
Average rating 8.5 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Finding these was a lifesaver!

Review by Edward B. on 4/28/2009

Pros: These work like a charm on the taller Firestone plugs (like those sold here on WB) and seal the post perfectly. Thanks to WB I saved a weekend party!

Cons: You have to shave these down a few mm to fit into the older/shorter style Firestone posts. They would not fit and allow the post to screw on otherwise, so the best bet is invest in the taller ones here on WB and get all new parts (poppet, insert and all) for about $20 both sides.

It worked, After I did some work

Review by Joshua on 7/25/2013

I was very happy to have found these as replacements to the old ones in an older style firestone. From previous reviews I knew I was going to have to shave them down I just didn't anticipate how problematic that would be due to its small size (can't grip). I used a dremel to shave it down and eventually got a flat mating surface. Little bit of a hassel but it got the job done.

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