Brewkettle Valve O Ring

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This is a replacement high temperature silicone O ring for the BrewKettle KettleValve. Replaces the O ring on your R45 KettleValve as well as on the Brewer's Edge BrewKetttles. It also fits the Zymico Weld-B-Gone stainless bulkhead and valve (it is 1 1/8" in outer diameter) as well as our S04 Stainless Backnut. These last for years and generally do not have to be replaced unless damaged. Sold individually.

Jan 13, 2017 by Garrett

Q: Is this the O-ring for 1/2" stainless fittings? I want to use this for converting a cooler to a mash tun and a keg to a HLT. Thanks.

A: Yes, this is also commonly used in 1/2" bulkhead fittings, so it should work.

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