Twin Bubbler Airlock

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One piece molded plastic with a dust cap. Allows a quick check of the pressure differences between the fermenter and outside. Difficult to clean. Made in Italy.
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Made in China

Review by Edward on 9/4/2013

The bubbler shown in this picture is the fragile acrylic bubbler (made in China), not the more flexible bubbler available in the past (made in Italy). The acryic bubblers break easily and have very narrow tubing which make them harder to sanitize and impossible to clean. Bring back the Italian ones!

S airlocks.

Review by Colin B. on 2/5/2010

Pros: Fits into bungs well and seals tightly. Allows you to see when pressure has stopped accumulating better than a straight airlock.

Cons: Difficult to clean like the description says.

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