1/4" NPT Hurricane Natural Gas Conversion Valve

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This valve replaces the included brass propane burner valve to allow the Hurricane to run on natural gas (fits Hurricane stoves that have 1/4" NPT threaded orifice inlets. You will need a gas connection hose with a 3/8" female flare end to attach to this valve to your natural gas source.  This valve has an orifice diameter of approximately 1/8", and features 1/4" male npt threads to attach to your gas burner. See at right for a 3/8" flare to 1/2" NPT adapter to screw onto your 1/2" house gas supply pipe so you can connect a 3/8" flare gas connection hose.

These also fit Blichmann Top Tier Burners, Blichmann Floor standing burners, Anvil Forge, and Bayou Classic burners that have a 1/4" female NPT port for an orifice. This does not fit DarkStar, or Bayou Classic BG10, SP10, or BG12 burners.



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Blichmann Burner

Review by Bart on 11/18/2015

I ordered this since I have a NG BBQ hookup to use this with a Blichmann burner and it fit no problem. Now I am using NG instead of tanks which is a lot easier.

Works perfectly for Bayou Classic KAB4

Review by Aaron on 4/20/2016

I used this to convert a Bayou Classic KAB4 over to natural gas and works like a charm! I couldn't be happier with it.

Nice simple conversion valve

Review by Jay on 9/16/2016

Does what I hoped, didn't need to fuss with drilling out an existing part. I would have liked the valve to be set back another 1/2 or so so it would be easier to reach but this does the job perfectly.

Works well, with a caveat

Review by Jason on 11/24/2016

The product itself is fine - fits well, does what it should do, so I gave it 5 stars, but it didn't solve the problem I was hoping it would. I bought a KAB6 burner and tried using this attachment to convert it to natural gas. It fit properly into the burner and my natural gas line hooked up nicely to it, but the flow rate just wasn't there. Even on full blast it was taking over an hour and a half and still never was able to hit a boil on 10 gallons of wort. The natural gas line works perfectly on my natural gas bbq (reaches 700 degrees easily) but the KAB6 just wasn't having it. Maybe it's the burner design or length of hose I had to use (15 feet for the kab vs 6 for the bbq) but I couldn't get this to work for my needs. I'll be sticking to propane on the KAB6 because the burner works flawlessly with it. All that said - this did convert the burner to natural gas so I'm giving it 5 stars as I believe the issue lies with something other than this converter.

Ignorance is Bliss!!!!!!!!!!

Review by Dennis on 1/28/2017

I cant believe you folks are simple minded enough to buy this. It's a simple $15.00 Valve threaded internally and externally on the pipe thread end so you can put an orifice in there and be done with it for a total of $28.00 - $35.00. Not a $110.00. Research it.

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Nov 17, 2020 by Bruce

Q: Hi, I reached out a few weeks ago to ask if this will work with the Anvil Forge Burner. I wanted to let you guys know that I tried it and it fits. The information may help your future customers.

A: Thanks!

Oct 22, 2020 by Bruce

Q: Will this work with the Anvil Forge Burner?

A: If the Anvil Forge burner has a 1/4" NPT threaded inlet to install this, it should work.

May 07, 2018 by Nick

Q: Does this work with a Bayou Classic SQ14?

A: No, the SQ14 is a high pressure burner, designed for higher pressure propane only.

Apr 04, 2018 by Hiram

Q: Do you know if this will work with Concord 16" Banjo Single Burner Stove?

A: If the Concord Banjo has a 1/4" female NPT port for the orifice, and the burner is suitable for use with natural gas, this should work. Check with the Concord manufacturer to see if this unit can be converted to natural gas.

Mar 29, 2018 by Jacob

Q: Do you have an adapter that will work on the Bayou Classic SP10? Thanks

A: No, the Classic Sp10 is for propane only.

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