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What is a steam condenser? It is a device that sprays a fine mist of tap water on steam, causing it to condense into water and run off. This unit allows electric brewing indoors with a Brewzilla, Digiboil, Mash & Boil, Anvil Foundry™, or Grainfather without steaming up your house. It addition, sealing your unit with a steam condenser conserves power and increases boil intensity, as there is less area for the heat to escape. Keep in mind it also reduces boil off, so you will end up with less boil evaporation. There is a water use cost to this, as it uses about 10 gallons of cold tap water per hour of boiling to do its condensing (although this 140°F.runoff water can be collected and reused).

To use, attach this to a distilling Lid with a 2” Tri-Clamp outlet (order our Bulkhead item Z56 to add a Tri-Clamp outlet to any 47mm hole distilling lid), and attach ¼" inner diameter water supply tubing to the barbed inlet, which also is 6.5mm DuoTight compatible.

To make this work, it needs full 30 PSI or greater house water pressure on the inlet. For the hot ‘exhaust’ water, a ½” hose barb is on the outlet, and you can run this hot water directly into a collection bucket, or out into the garden with ½” interior diameter hose (our item J16, order by the foot) that you purchase separately.

Purchase our optional Brewzilla Steam Condenser Tubing Hookup Kit to attach your house water pressure to the Condenser inlet.

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No sweaty walls

Review by Eddie on 2/11/2023

Works very well at keeping the steam out of your brew room. Uses about 10 gallons of water for an hour boil. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is the blank plate is not the best way to add hops while boiling. Steam pressure tends to want to push the hops back out or towards the sprayer.

Oct 09, 2022 by Tim

Q: Any hot break issues? What is the boil off volume/hour? What is the recommended boil temp setting? All pertaining to a Mash & Boil. Any other issues to be of concern?

A: No hot break issues that we know of. Figure about 1/3- 1/2 gallon per hour from a Mash & Boil. Set the temp to 217 F, although it will not go over 212 F at sea level. You will use 10 gallons of cold tap water for a one hour boil.

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