35 Liter Brewzilla & Digiboil Pro Distilling Lid

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Designed to fit the 35 Liter Brewzilla, Robobrew, and Digiboil, this lid is extremely sturdy when using heavier stills or off-center steam condenser units. Includes a upper2” Tri Clamp outlet port, as well as a side 3” Tri Clamp port with an included polyphenylsulfone plastic window and 3” Tri Clamp and 3” seal.

This polyphenylsulfone plastic window lets you watch your wash boil and lets you visually determine if your boil is about to go up your column and ‘puke’. This high tech plastic is extremely strong, and rated to 350 ° F.

Also recommended when using a Brewzilla Steam Condenser (item G64), as this rigid lid will not flex like other distilling lids.

Can be directly used with any distilling column that accepts a 2” Tri Clamp, including the KegLand Pot Still Condenser and Kegland Reflex Condenser. You will also need a 2” Tri Clamp item Z57 and a 2” Tri Clamp seal item Z58 to attach these columns to this lid.

Includes a 3” Tri Clamp, 3” Tri Clamp Seal, 3” Polyphenylsulfone Plastic Window, and heavy duty silicone sealing gasket.

This unit has been designed to be used with the 35 Liter DigiBoil and BrewZilla . We do not guarantee it will seal when used with a 35 Liter G30 Grainfather, and this lid does not fit the Mash & Boil. 

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