Copper Pot Still Condenser

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Pictured Copper Condenser Tube attached to our item P35 Alembic Dome. This features a copper water cooling jacket, digital thermometer, and hose and fittings to adapt this to your cooling water source. For use with the P35 Dome and our Robobrew, Grainfather or T500 Boiler. Also fits the Mash & Boil with optional L14 distlling lid.

This is the condenser to get for a traditional pot still, when you want to taste the flavor of the mash, when distilling traditional whiskey.

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Jun 10, 2019 by Brandon

Q: Is this product made by Still Spirits?

A: Yes

Sep 30, 2018 by T.J

Q: What's the difference between this and the J45, or is there any> Thanks

A: This has a cooling jacket instead of cooling coils. They are both pot still condensers, and both produce the same quality product.

Apr 03, 2018 by Jim

Q: What size is the threaded parts that fit to the lid? What size hole do I need if I have my own lid?

A: This fits into a 47mm unthreaded hole.

Dec 19, 2017 by James

Q: Does this fit the Robobrew ferment/Distiller lid (B80) or do you have to have the dome lid for it as well?

A: No this fits the B80 on its own.

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