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We have finally found a glass hydometer jar for little more than the price of a plastic jar. For the purist, this all-glass hydrometer jar holds 200 ml, and stands 12" tall, with a 3.25" wide glass base for stability. The outer diameter of the glass testing tube is 1 1/8", and the inner diameter of the testing tube is 15/16" of an inch. 

One inch in diameter, this jar will fit all the hydrometers we sell (except item T09) and requires less sample liquid than other jars.  Pictured T07 hydrometer not included. See the more info button below for a close up photo.

Note:  This does not fit our item T09 Precision Bottling Hydrometer which is too long for this jar.

This close up illustrates the clarity of this glass hydrometer jar.

Average rating 8.53846153846154 out of 10 ( based on 13 reviews )

Nice "Jar"

Review by LAWRENCE W. on 11/3/2007

Pros: Nicely made hydrometer jar. I got tired of replacing the plastic ones due to cracking.

Cons: Have to be a bit more careful because it is glass.

Small Glass Hydrometer Jar

Review by Nicholas on 7/15/2008

Pros: The diameter of this jar is smaller than most others meaning that you "waste" less wort per test which equates to more finished beer at the end of fermentation. It's also Glass for the purist who fears plastic

Cons: Since it is small it is slightly more delicate. I broke the base off of mine by bumping it on the counter top when I set it down. I bought another to replace it though since I have faith in the product integrity.

200 ml Glass Hydrometer Jar

Review by William on 5/14/2011

This is a good price for a glass hydrometer jar and worth the investment over the plastic ones. I've found glass to be far superior to plastic in every way but one. It's easier to see through, easier to keep clean, and more stable. The only negative is the obvious... it breaks if you're not careful.

Almost perfect

Review by Paul on 1/26/2012

Aside from the hydrometer being crooked and having to be propped up on one side to get the tube vertical (maybe it's hand blown by someone who had a few to many home brews?) this works great. Also works with spirits.

It's nice, very clear...BUT!

Review by Brise on 8/10/2012

If you intend to use this with the final gravity hydrometer sold here (1.000~1.040) know that with distilled water at 1.000 that hydrometer won't float reliably because the jar is just a smidgeon too short. I'd say if they added another 1/2" there'd be a decent margin to measure down to 1.000. I know beers don't typically attenuate down that low, however sometimes they do. Try using Wyeast 3711 and let it do its thing for a while; under the right conditions it will get down to 1.000~1.001 and this combo of jar and hydrometer will leave you guessing.

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