Brewer's Edge® Precision Specific Gravity

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For the ultimate in accuracy, the Brewer's Edge Precision Specific Gravity hydrometer is hand checked to assure full range accuracy. Excellent for serious home brewers and small commercial brewers, this hydrometer features a 1.000 to 1.100 full range scale with 1° calibrations 20% larger than our standard Hydrometer T07. Imported. 12” long.

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This shows a closeup of the calibrations on this Brewer's Edge Precision Specific Gravity hydrometer.
Average rating 8.95454545454546 out of 10 ( based on 22 reviews )

Nice hydrometer

Review by JOHN on 8/31/2021

Better than the one I bought from William's, oh, 20 years ago. This model more accurate (1 degree scale) and better range than models from other homebrew suppliers.

Great piece of lab equipment

Review by Lance on 11/13/2018

This is a nice, super easy to read hydrometer.

Great Hydro Upgrade

Review by Kent on 1/29/2016

I had been using a cheapish triple scale hydro for the last year with 0.002 accuracy, but the scale on it is so compressed that it was really hard to read. It was always off a little when cross-referenced with a refractometer. This precision 0.001 unit is spot-on when cross-referenced with a refractometer and much easier to read. Worth the extra price! My only concern is that the glass is thin and the product seems fragile. Handle with care in your brew cave!

Not Accurate

Review by Gerry on 1/15/2015

Unfortunately, this is the least accurate (and most expensive) hydrometer I own. It is off by close to 0.0025 when tested with distilled water at 60.9F. It's easy to read, though.

New to me

Review by Greg on 1/9/2015

I got this after nearly 20 years of using a T07, so it took a little practice to read it correctly. It reads fine, but looks pretty fragile. I'll have to be extra careful with it.

Jan 26, 2019 by Jim

Q: What is the calibration temperature for this hydrometer?

A: 60 degrees F.

May 05, 2017 by Scott

Q: Is this hydrometer read at the top or the bottom of the meniscus?

A: Straight across the surface of the beer, not the top or bottom (level with the fluid).

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