Coolossus Counterflow Chiller

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The Coolossus from KegLand features 23' of wort line for cooling large batches. Made from fully passivated type 304 stainless, this large chiller has ½" interior diameter wort line, so, unlike plate chillers, it is very hard to clog with hop and trub particles.  The cooling water line is 22' long, and both the cooling water and wort lines feature ½ BSPT threads on both ends, which connect to both ½" NPT and ½" BSP (straight thread) fittings. Highly recommended if you chill 10 gallons of wort or more at one time.

7" tall, 11" in diameter.

Nov 27, 2022 by eddie

Q: is the interior pipe convoluted? In other words is there anything inside this to create turbulence that will aid in cooling?

A: The interior pipe is smooth and not convoluted.

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