Coolossus Gen 2 Tri Clamp Counterflow Chiller

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The Coolossus Gen2 from KegLand features 30' of wort line for cooling large batches. Made from fully passivated type 304 stainless, this large chiller has 3/8" interior diameter wort line, so, unlike plate chillers, it is very hard to clog with hop and trub particles. The beer in and out lines feature 1½" Tri Clamp fittings to connect to your brewery with commom Tri Clamps. The cooling water line is 29' long, and features ½ BSPT threads on both ends, which connect to both ½" NPT and ½" BSP (straight thread) fittings.

This Gen2 model features a 3mm thick stainless mounting plate with 4mm wide mounting holes, so you can mount this on a stand or a convenient wall. If you are cooling 10 gallons or more at a time, this is the ultimate chiller.  

Jan 08, 2023 by Robert W.

Q: What are the overall dimensions of this chiller?

A: 16.5" overall length from the Tri Clamps to the back. 11.5" wide, 11" deep

Dec 31, 2022 by Ken

Q: How would you add a thermometer to the output?

A: You would need a tri clamp T like our item R88, as well as a 1.5" Tri Clamp thermometer. We do not have the thermometer yet, but look on Google for a 1.5" Tri Clamp or Tri Clover thermometer and you will find one.

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