Snap-Lock Hose Fitting

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A snap-lock fitting with a male hose thread end. Our most versatile snap-lock fitting, as it can be screwed into our Bottle Washers, Transfer Tubing Adapter, Wort Chiller, and even a garden hose. We find that a bottle washer or wort chiller benefits most when used with the Snap-Lock Hose Fitting, as it can be attached and detached in an instant. 

Note: You must also have our E65 Snap-Lock Adapter to attach this fitting to your kitchen faucet.

Average rating 9.5 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Big Time saver!

Review by Gene P. on 5/7/2009

Pros: I have 5 of these now and love them everythime I use one. I have 1 on my counter-flow wort chiller, 2 on bottle washers, and 2 on garden hoses.

Cons: Can be a little sticky getting them on and off. I put a little bit of keg lube on them to assist in connecting and disconnecting.

Great, great product

Review by Ryan D. on 7/11/2008

Pros: Fantastic idea! I have two bottle washers (blast bottle washer and the brass one for carboys) and switching from my sink nozzle to the washers was always a pain. Now, I keep the other part to this permanently on the sink (looks like a normal faucet) but I can quickly snap one of my washers on. I have two of these fittings, one for each washer, so switching between them is a breeze!

Cons: I have absolutely no cons for this... It's a perfect solution.

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