Hose Thread Faucet Adapter

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Faucet end replacement with a male hose thread end to fit our Bottle Washers or Wort Chillers. Fits most modern faucets with 55/64” or 15/16” inside or outside aerator threads. Does not feature a filtered flow screen like our E65 Snap Lock Adapter. An economical way to attach your Wort Chiller or Bottle Washer to an indoor faucet.
Average rating 9.33333333333334 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )

Screw on adapter

Review by larrymaler on 7/16/2008

Pros: The screw on adapter works well with the jet bottle washer. Tighten only to finger tightness, or maybe very slight wrench tightness so you don't strip the thread.

Required coupling

Review by Robert on 3/17/2012

Along with the Blast Bottle Washer (#S32) i use this indoors at the kitchen sink. Pros: No problems with its' intended purpose. Cons: Finger tightening sliced open my thumb on the threads. Use caution or a rag to avoid being cut.

Hose adapter

Review by Jerry on 11/29/2012

This works great to attach a garden hose or bottle washer to a standard indoor house faucet. I also cut myself many times on the threads. So sharp you do not even notice until you see the blood. Use a glove. I gently remove it with pliers.

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