14mm to 16mm Stepless Clamps (20)

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Many home brewers use worm drive hose clamps which are reusable and easily adjusted or removed. However worm drive hose clamps tend to pinch the line on one side causing the hose to leak or at least reduce the pressure holding capacity of your system. These stepless 304 stainless clamps form even compression around the whole diameter of the line. This makes a more reliable leak proof connection. They are also smoother than worm drive clamps once attached to a hose, providing a less obtrusive feel when used with something like a Beer Gun or Colbra faucet.

To use this clamps, you will also need a Stepless Clamp Tool, our item R22. An Oetiker™ clamping tool can also be used. Once pinched on, clamps can be removed with a little effort and a screwdriver to pry them off, although they cannot be reused once crimped.

14 to 16mm clamps (.55" to .62"), Package of 20.  These are also great for car repair and tubing work.

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