Standard Keg Lid Sealing 'O' Ring

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This standard diameter .280" cross section O ring fits all brands of kegs, pin-lock or ball-lock, with a 3 by 3.5” clamp down oval lid. This is the best choice if you are installing a new lid in an old keg as new lids have tigher tolerances than used ones that have been clamped for many years.

If you are trying to fix a leaky lid in an older US made keg (Cornelius, Firestone, Spartanberg, etc.), your best bet would be to get our Oversize O Ring (part D11) instead of this one.This is especially true if you have to pressurize your current keg to get it to seal.  Note: illustrated lid is not included. 

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Corny Keg O-ring

Review by Dean on 4/23/2020

Bought as a backup. Size and quality are great.

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