Disconnect Check Valve

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This German-made one way gas check valve features 1/4" threaded flare fittings, to fit standard threaded ball and pin lock gas connectors. Prevents beer from backing up into gas lines. This releases at 3psi, and is a great way to add a one way valve to your threaded ball or pin lock keg connector.

Note: These should not be disassembled, they can be very hard to put back together, and replacement parts are not sold individually. Click on the  for a pdf of the assembly diagram.

This shows the Keg Gas Check Valve screwed onto a ball-lock keg connector.
Average rating 9.86666666666667 out of 10 ( based on 15 reviews )

Positive Check Valve for Gas Line

Review by Bruce on 6/21/2014

A few weeks back I purchased two check valves for my gas lines. I sometimes had fluid seeping back into my gas lines when I was rocking kegs during force carbonating. The check valves were super easy to install, seem well built and substantial. I force carbonated two 5 gal corny kegs and checked the line after I was done. Dry as a bone, these check valves have solved a sanitary problem I have had for a long time. Yeah! NO more flushing out my gas lines with sanitizer after a back flow incident!

Works as advertised!

Review by William on 8/8/2014

I have been using this valve for several weeks now...no more beer in the gas line, even after shaking (force carbonation) my kegs. I wasn't sure at first if enough gas would get to the beer but, every pour has been perfect.

High Quality Does A great Job!

Review by John on 1/7/2016

I looked everywhere on the web for high quality check valves for my new kegerator and I finally found these. These check valves are very well made and have a seal built in already on the threaded end, to accept a barbed swivel nut. Then you attach the gas line to the end and secure with a high quality clamp and the threaded female end attaches to the end of a threaded gas ball lock fitting. These valves really work great, no gas leaks, and no beer backing up into your gas lines. I would recommend these valves to anyone looking for an easy fix to a common problem that often gets overlooked. Put on some check valves and have some peace of mind, and save your gas regulator and gas lines! I would definitely buy these again!

Works great

Review by Craig on 10/5/2016

I looked for a check vale like this for a while. I was really glad to finally find one. It was easy to install and it works great. No more beer in the gas line when I force carbonate.

Disconnect Check Valve

Review by MVasquez on 2/27/2017

I always had problems with beer in my gas lines. Not anymore, this check valve does the job. No problems, no beer in gas lines. I purchased one for each of my beer ball locks. Highly recommended!!!!

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Nov 22, 2020 by Michael

Q: What materials are any parts that would potentially contact any liquid made from, i.e: stainless, plastic, plated brass, etc.?

A: Plastic and stainless parts are inside. This valve should keep beer out, and if it becomes full of beer, it should be replaced.

Aug 17, 2018 by Mike

Q: Can these be disassembled and/or cleaned?

A: Not recommended as replacement parts are not available, and they are very hard to put back together in the correct order.

Feb 18, 2018 by Edward

Q: Your description says it is a gas-side check valve. Is this also suitable for using on the liquid side of the keg, so one can force carbonate through the dip tube on the beer-out side? The liquid side gives more CO2 contact with the beer over time.

A: It should work fine on the liquid side, as long as beer does not contact the check valve.

Oct 24, 2017 by Bill

Q: I use a hose from the dip tube to the bottom of the keg with a carbonation stone on the end. Should this check valve keep the beer from coming into my gas line ? I bought 2 and I am getting beer in the gas line. Do I need to remove the tube with the stone

A: We are not sure why this is happening, do you know what the pressure in your keg is when this occurs?

Oct 16, 2017 by Zack

Q: Does this allow gas flow in both directions? Or does it only allow gas flow in a single direction while preventing both gas and liquid flow in the other direction?

A: This only allows gas to flow in one direction.

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