1 Gallon Glass Jug

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This one gallon clear glass jug features a 38mm screw top finish, and is perfect for making small batches of beer, wine, or mead. We recommend using a 1 gallon airlock cap (item P93 listed above) instead of a stopper when using this jug, as it is easier to use.   12" tall, 6.5" wide.


Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Great for small batches

Review by Adam on 7/25/2013

These 1 gallon jugs are a great price and perfect for making small batches of cider.

Excellent for Micro Batches

Review by Marilyn on 7/27/2016

These are excellent for making very small batches of brew or wine, etc. I like to test recipes before committing to making a full sized carboy of that recipe. This way I can have several different batches of test brew, all going at the same time. If I don't like any one of them, it's ok because I only made 1 gallon's worth. Once I am happy with a recipe, I commit to brewing a full 6 gallon carboy.

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