1 Gallon Glass Jug

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This one gallon clear glass jug features a 38mm screw top finish, and is perfect for making small batches of beer, wine, or mead. We recommend using a 1 gallon airlock cap (item P93 listed above) instead of a stopper when using this jug, as it is easier to use when using as a fermenter. 12" tall, 6.5" wide.

Perfect for aging batches of distilled spirits with oak chips, cubes, or sticks. Just fill with your spirit and add a couple ounces of your chosen wood to age. Compared with putting chips or cubes in individual bottles, this one gallon bulk aging vessel lets you sample the spirit as it ages, and then remove it from the wood and bottle when it reaches perfection.

Includes a plastic screw cap. 


Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Excellent for Micro Batches

Review by Marilyn on 7/27/2016

These are excellent for making very small batches of brew or wine, etc. I like to test recipes before committing to making a full sized carboy of that recipe. This way I can have several different batches of test brew, all going at the same time. If I don't like any one of them, it's ok because I only made 1 gallon's worth. Once I am happy with a recipe, I commit to brewing a full 6 gallon carboy.

Great for small batches

Review by Adam on 7/25/2013

These 1 gallon jugs are a great price and perfect for making small batches of cider.

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