2.5 Liter PET Growler Bottles (Case of 9)

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These are the best value out there in reusable beer bottles and beer growlers. Holds 2.5 Liters (84 fluid ounces) of beer or other carbonated beverage in an unbreakable lightweight barrier PET bottle. Carry handles are included.  At only $3.33 each, these are inexpensive enough to bring to a party and leave behind if you want.

These can also be used as an inexpensive portable draft system cleaning system. See our item B79 for details.

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Sep 17, 2021 by Liam

Q: What are the dimensions (height & diameter) of the bottles?

A: The bottles measure 13" tall and 4.5" in diameter.

Sep 11, 2021 by dave

Q: I usually bottle condition my beer in swing top glass bottles. Are these just for filling with draft beer or can you bottle condition beer in them the same as with glass?

A: You should be able to. We are testing this right now and should post results in the growler description by September 20th.

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