Stainless DuoTight Carbonation & Cleaning Cap

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 An all stainless male ball lock valve coupling cap that fits a 2 liter or smaller plastic soda bottle with a 28mm screw cap lid. This allows the 2 liter bottle to be charged with C02 from any female ball lock gas fitting (like our item D32 or D03 Gas Connector), carbonating the cold beverage in the bottle. Great for serving draft beer away from the keg. Also fits the Brewzilla in and out ports on the lid, and the Brewzilla Collection Jar ports for pressurizing the Brewzilla fermenter.

You can also fill this with sanitizing or line cleaning solution, put some ¼" tubing on the barb, and use it with a 2 liter PET bottle as a line cleaner for kegs and draft systems. To do this, fill the PET bottle 1/3 full of cleaning solution, screw on the cap with tubing affixed, and inject with C02 to pressurize. Then use a beer ball lock fitting with a ¼" hose attached and use this to rinse your beer faucet nozzle first, or use a piece of hose with two beer ball lock barbed fittings, and make a jumper to clean the beer side of kegs.

This has a integral hybrid ball lock post that will accept beer and gas lines. A tradeoff of this design means when you use a grey ball lock gas fitting to charge your bottle, the grey fitting will leak if you leave it on.  This is designed to quickly charge with gas and then remove the gas ball lock fitting, it is not designed to have a gas line attached for any length of time. This works for its intended use, which is a quick charge with gas and then having the ability to attach a beer dispensing line with a black beer ball lock fitting. You can affix 1/4" interior diameter beer tubing to the interior gas post which will serve as a beer pick up dip tube during dispensing if desired (order a foot or so of our item S31, 1/4" beer tubing if you want to do this).

You can also purchase our P53 Gas Post for Corny Keg if you want a gas post on this fitting that will not leak gas when attached for a longer period, although this eliminates the ability to also attach a black beer side ball lock fitting.

The barbed outlet on this is compatible with 6.5mm DuoTight fittings like our reducer item Z84







This shows the fitting disassembled. All parts are standard Cornelius type, and the sealing silicone O ring is our item R42.
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