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Type 316 stainless steel Snaplock fittings are great for quickly and securely connecting tubing and pipes to any 1/2" NPT hose thread fittings. Since 1/2" NPT hose thread is standard on everything from brewing kettle outlet valves to pumps, these make it easy to connect wort chillers, pumps, and more. The patented Snaplock design features a replaceable food grade silicone washer in the coupler half (that lasts for years) that will withstand temperatures of up to 250° F.  To use, just place the female coupler over the male adapter, and push the twin locking cam levers back to seal. The locking cam levers on the couplers feature removable rings and locking holes in case you need to lock the coupler in an attached position.

Shown  is the L79 male adapter screwed into a KettleValve, with a L72 female coupler attached to the thermoplastic tubing. We recommend you use the male adapters to attach to equipment, and the female couplers to attach to hose for ease of use.