Snaplock Coupler 1/2" Hose Barb

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This Snaplock coupler features 304 stainless construction, a 1/2" hose barb outlet, food grade silicone sealing gasket, and twin locking arms for secure connection and quick disconnection. Great for use with thermoplastic tubing for hot wort transfer to chillers and pumps. Couples to our L79, L70 and L74 Snaplock adapters.
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Snaplock Coupler 1/2" Hose Barb

Review by William Grindel on 2/22/2021

Fantastic item, love using them!

Great addition

Review by Joe on 12/15/2017

Quality of product is good. Works as discribed. Would recommend if looking for snaplock adapter with male hose barb.

Great snap couplers

Review by William Howard on 8/12/2017

AAA great product

Snap lock quick disconnect fittings

Review by Steve Johnson on 7/21/2017

These are a homebrewer's best friend. I have these at several critical places in my brewing set-up because of the ease with which they can be coupled and uncoupled as well as thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. I use them on both sides of my March pump as well as counter flow wort chiller and HERMS set-up for step mashing and mash out. They were featured components on the April 2017 blog of my Chapman insulated Mashtun set-up.

Only drawback is ID of barb.

Review by John on 2/1/2016

The Snaplock fittings all work exactly as advertised. I've collect several to make hooking up my Mark II pump easier. The only drawback is the inner diameter of the hose barb. I want full 1/2" ID on everything between the kettle and the input to the wort pump. The ID of the barb on this coupler is only 3/8". 3/8" is only 56% of the cross section of 1/2", and every other part (ball valve, Snaplock male coupler, hose, and barb on the pump inlet) is 1/2" After one use, I moved this coupler downstream of the pump, and replaced it with a full-flow 1/2" Snaplock coupler.

May 29, 2017 by Dave

Q: What is the pressure rating of these connections?

A: These are rated to 150 PSI

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