Behmor 2000 AB Plus Drum Roaster

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The Behmor 2000 AB Plus Roaster can roast 1/4 to 1 pound of green coffee at a time, making it the largest capacity home coffee roaster available. The Behmor features patented catalytic converter technology smoke reducer, although if you roast 1 pound of coffee at a time, smoke will be produced, so put this in a well vented area when using. 

Features 8 customer pre-programmed time controls, and 5 custom pre-programmed heat/roast profile controls, so you can vary the amount of heat the roaster produces during the 15 to 20 minute roast as well as the time. Automatic system diagnostic and troubleshooting is programmed into the unit as well.

This machine is ideal if you want to roast a lot of coffee at once, and do not like to roast to extremely dark French Roast levels, as the Behmor has fire safeguards which strongly discourage really dark roasts. A scale is needed when using the Behmor to accurately weigh out the 1/4, 1/2, or 1 pound of green coffee needed to correspond to the Behmor's preset coffee weight roast profiles (the proper roast is dependent on the exact weight of coffee in the drum). The Behmor is quiet (like an electric rotisserie) and it is easy to hear the coffee crack as it roasts. It gets hot when roasting, and the steel top and sides become too hot to the touch.

18" long, 11" high, 13" deep. Uses 1630 watts when running. One year manufacturers warranty included. Click HERE for a manufacturers data sheet.

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Best for the home roaster

Review by David G. on 8/3/2011

I've owned one of these for several years and had another brand prior. Nothing compares to the Behmor. You might find a good home roaster but it wouldn't do the quantity that this does. Behmor has corrected its statement about dark roasts, and suggests (as I do) that you roast less beans but set the machine at 1 lb. I most commonly do 14 oz. of green beans, set at one pound and get dark roasted results. The beans I'm currently using require that I do only 12 oz. at one pound. So don't be fooled by the statement that it won't produce a dark roast. Also, Behmor is a great company for support. Whenever I've had questions, or (very few) problems, they've responded very quickly, even on a weekend.


Review by Richard H on 8/4/2011

I can only echo what David G. has said. Great roaster at a reasonable price with superb customer support. And yes, you can reach a dark roast by using less beans but, then you may lose the finer qualities of the coffee to the "starbucks syndrome".

Love my Behmor 1600

Review by Chris on 6/18/2014

I bought my roaster from Williams brewing 3 months ago and I am loving it. I am getting consistent even roasts by roasting a 1/2 at a time. Also I am wondering if WB will be offering the new Behmor 1600 plus and the 1600 plus control panel as an upgrade.

Fresh coffee

Review by John on 1/10/2015

I purchased a Behmor 1600 coffee roaster back in April 2014, actually it was a gift. I have been roasting coffee in it with wonderful results. I actually just upgraded the control panel to the 1600 plus,, it is an easy upgrade... I would recommend roaster to anyone who is looking for an affordable 1 lb roaster.

Things You Should Know About The Behmor

Review by Craig Sterry on 7/25/2015

1st observation: The digital roasting profile is completely unnecessary. This unit could cost half what it now does by its elimination, thereby allowing the owner to gauge by sight and sound where the bean is at in the roasting process; I have been roasting thusly since the beginning with near perfect results. I began doing so when I realized that the provided profiles were almost always wrong! There was a lot of frustration before I realized this and just went forward by carefully watching the beans. Yes, it takes practice but much better than relying on the bogus profiles. In the beginning, when Behmor was a small and upcoming biz, they responded to emails; now, they don't. After 4 years, the roasting bulbs have weakened so that it takes almost an hour to reach 2nd crack. (Yes, I tried cleaning the interior. It didn't work.) Tho all in all, it's a good roaster. Would like to replace bulbs but... Behmor is not responsive, now that they've become the Big Boys.

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Jan 03, 2018 by Bitter Donald

Q: Could this be used to roast home malted grains?

A: It could, but there would be a risk of the grain catching on fire, so we do not recommend this.

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