WLP830 German Lager

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This yeast is one of the most widely used lager yeasts in the world. Very malty and clean, great for all German lagers, Pilsner, Oktoberfest, and Marzen. 
Attenuation: 74-79%
Flocculation: Medium
Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 50-55°F
Alcohol Tolerance: Medium

MiniFerment data:
What is MiniFerment? White Labs yeast strains were tested using the same wort in its proprietary MiniFerment process. The process simulates large-scale brewing. To learn more about MiniFerment click here. To learn more about understanding the data, click here.

As-is Diacetyl Total Diacetyl As-is 2,3-Pentanedione Total 2,3-Pentanedione Ethanol Acetaldehyde Ethyl Acetate Isoamyl Acetate 1-Propanol Isoamyl Alcohol 75.27ppb 221.37ppb 38.91ppb 189.15ppb 4.92%ABV 38.88ppm 22.8ppm N/A 20.93ppm 129.83ppm

Fermentation temperature: 55° F
Attenuation: 80%

Hours to get to 50 percent attenuation: 60

Reviews provided by White Labs:

" ... keeps plenty of malt flavour ... "
By: Shawn Burgy
Date: Sept. 8, 2008
Beers brewed: Dortmunder and Munich Lager
Comments: WLP830 is by far my favorite Lager yeast. I've made Dorts with it, I've made Munich's with it. I've even made Pilsners with it. No other Lager yeast I know of can do that. It keeps plenty of malt flavour and a nice Pilsner like crispness. I have 10 Gallons of Munich Lager in the fermentors right now. Even if you can't lager it straight off at 50F. It still does great when you keg and Lager it. Just remember make a big 1 gallon starter and give it at least 2 weeks of lagering. My Dortmunder's are better than commercial examples. I could give Great Lakes a run for there money :)

"Hardy yeast ... "
By: Kris Olson
Date: October 23, 2007
Beers brewed: Quadrupel
Comments: I wasn't sure how this yeast would hold up to my Double-Dubble (OG = 1.107). I made a beefy starter (2L) and pitched the slurry into the wort. Fermented very strong, but then hung out at 1.046 for 2 weeks. Turns out my zinc concentration was too low. I made up a second starter (again, 2L) but this time with Servomyces. Pitched it into the partially-fermented beer after racking to secondary, and fermentation went to completion (1.019) in just a week. Overall attenuation 81% after 4 weeks at 68˚F, ABV = 12.1%. Hardy yeast, contributed great flavors of plum, raisins, pear, and slight apple.

" ... nice clean well balanced malty beer"
By: Greg
Date: October 06, 2007
Beers brewed: Octoberfest Marzen
Comments: Fermented very well at 50 degrees for two weeks.Did a two day diacetyl rest to finish fermenting.Lagered for 9 weeks  Produced a nice clean well balanced malty beer.

" ... clears nicely"
By: Steve Mangum
Brewery: Oaken Barrel Brewery
Date: July 31, 2007
Beers brewed: Dortmunder Export
Comments: This yeast is very consistent in the way that it produces sulfury and unwanted flavors at first and then after lagering three weeks it goes away and clears nicely. It is the force behind the finish of the beer no doubt. So don't worry, just wait two weeks. Not recommended for hoppy beers, the malt flavor 830 gets can be covered by over hopping.

"Very clean beer"
By: Anonymous
Date: May 25, 2007
Beers brewed: Traditional Bock
Comments: I made a pint starter, then stepped it up after a few days with another quart of wort. Fermented a double decoction bock of about 1.065 SG at around 55F. It took a month for the FG to stop dropping and finished around 1.014. I kegged half and put the other half in a carboy. I lagered both for about 4-5 weeks. Kegged version is quite good. Bottled version is excellent. Very clean beer, no fruit or sulfur or other fermentation by-products, just rich Munich malt flavor. Very good yeast. But give it time to do its job.

" ... nice malty clean lager"
By: Matthew
Date: March 10, 2007
Beers brewed: German Lager
Comments: Very nice strain, fermented well at 10degc and it produced a nice malty clean lager. I used a decent starter and still took a while to fire at 10degC. The larger the starter the better.

Average rating 8 out of 10 ( based on 1 review )

Ferments Baltic Porter Well

Review by Jg on 4/4/2015

Made a 1.077 OG Baltic Porter with this yeast. Used one vile, a 1500 ml starter, aerated the wort well by hand, used a pinch of yeast nutrient for the starter, and 1/2 tsp nutrient for the last 10 minutes in the wort boil. 3 weeks for the primary fermentation. It produces a 1/2" yeast cake on the bottom of the primary fermenter and a clean, clear, crisp, malty porter.

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